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Jordana Hanono

In her free time, you can find her making art — whether she is creating paintings, drawing, shading, or pressing her work onto streetwear which she shares with her friends. She originally started with drawings of family members and simple objects and then progressed into more technical mediums. In 2019, she attended a summer program at the School of Visual Arts, where she was introduced to nude drawing and painting, which characterizes much of her work today. Recently, she has experimented with creating images using crystal mosaics. Despite painstakingly placing each crystal one at a time, she enjoys the medium because it allows for a very granular control over the piece’s coloration and detail. Hanono’s work has been displayed in the David Rosen Galleries, Gallery Mavruk, Wentworth Gallery, New Area Art Gallery, Rochester Riverside Convention, 2021 All-County Art Exhibition, New York Board of Education Building, the local library, and her high school.  Her first show took place at the Aqua hotel in Miami, during "Miami Art Week". She will also be displaying work at the New York Now show, Wynwood and the Mixing Identities show in Venice. Hanono is studying art at Hunter college and hopes to make a career from it thereafter.

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