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Jordana Hanono

Jordana Hanono is a nineteen-year-old artist based in New York who attends Hunter College. Her passion for art began at an early age, where she originally started with drawings of family members and simple objects. She attended a summer program at the School of Visual Arts in 2019, where she was introduced to nude drawing and painting, which characterizes much of her work today. Recently, Hanono has been experimenting with creating images using crystal mosaics. Despite painstakingly placing each crystal one at a time, she enjoys the medium because it allows for a very granular control over the piece's coloration and detail. Hanono has also experimented with pop art, realism and abstract art as well. Her work has been displayed in various galleries, including David Rosen Galleries, Gallery Mavruk, Wentworth Gallery, and New Area Art Gallery. In addition to displaying at galleries, Hanono has also displayed her work in various art shows such as Aqua art, NyNow show, Philadelphia art craft show, and Mixing Identities: Venice show and Art Expo. Jordana Hanono has also achieved a significant milestone in her career: owning her own gallery. She uses her own gallery to represent herself during the  shows listed. Hanono's talent and dedication to her craft have already established her as a promising young artist with a bright future ahead.

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